My Tuition Fundraiser


As part of my efforts to pay the tuition of my art school as well as related expenses next year I am offering my entire collection of student work for sale. Most of the pieces are framed.

These are all originals and will help support my efforts to make a career as an Artist.

My body of work includes drawings in graphite and pastel, monochromatic and limited-palette oil paintings. Some of these works are a result of 5 moths of work, some are shorter studies done in a week.

If you found one you would like to purchase or ask questions about, please contact me.


‘The Merchant’, $2200     ‘Journey’, $850               ‘At Rest’, $850


‘The Little Nun’, $480       ‘Seated Nude’, $660        ‘Potion Making’, SOLD


‘Reclining Nude’, $540      ‘Sea Shell’, $80                ‘Standing Nude’, $450


‘The world in                   ‘Greek Sculpture’, $450    ‘Woman with Red Scarf’,
my Hand’, $550                                                   $60


‘Sphere’, $80                  ‘Glass and Leaf’, $80       ‘Metal Vase’, $80


‘Standing Nude’, $80      ‘Seated Nude’, SOLD


‘Curved’, $60                    ‘Standing Nude’, $80        ‘Ashley’, $35


‘Allan’, $35                  ‘Triangular’, $35              ‘A Man’s Profile’, $35


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