Something Ancient, New, unborrowed, which makes me blue

I gained so much knowledge in this world building class at Brainstorm in the summer of 2019. Since then it’s been hard being able to afford any more art classes, and then the world went to hell in 2020. I’ve been focusing on starting a business, which I will elaborate on some other time. But enough about that. I wanna talk a bit about these:

I chose ancient Egypt as the theme for all the drawings I did in the class. The temple was modeled in 3D and then illustrated in Procreate. The rest were drawn in Procreate (an iPad pro software). The image of the market involved a lot of application of everything I’ve learned regarding value grouping and management, and I consider this to be the first time I really applied value organization across an entire scene. The buildings were fun to make, and the interior too. It was great expanding on what I usually create.

Those were really intense 9 weeks and a lot of fun.

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