Graduation in a week!

I’d like to invite you, reader, to my graduation party which is also a student show of Georgetown Atelier and end of the year party.

There will be Drinks (important!), student art show of the best works from everyone throughout the year, refreshments and music.

I’d love to meet you in person if you are in Seattle on that day and attend.

Here is the Location. The Date is June 29th, 6pm-9pm, with the part dedicated to the graduation ceremony at 7pm.

GT Atelier Party Flyer Front  GeorgetownAtelier_2013_Back

Hope to see you there,


My Tuition Fundraiser


As part of my efforts to pay the tuition of my art school as well as related expenses next year I am offering my entire collection of student work for sale. Most of the pieces are framed.

These are all originals and will help support my efforts to make a career as an Artist.

My body of work includes drawings in graphite and pastel, monochromatic and limited-palette oil paintings. Some of these works are a result of 5 moths of work, some are shorter studies done in a week.

If you found one you would like to purchase or ask questions about, please contact me.


‘The Merchant’, $2200     ‘Journey’, $850               ‘At Rest’, $850


‘The Little Nun’, $480       ‘Seated Nude’, $660        ‘Potion Making’, SOLD


‘Reclining Nude’, $540      ‘Sea Shell’, $80                ‘Standing Nude’, $450


‘The world in                   ‘Greek Sculpture’, $450    ‘Woman with Red Scarf’,
my Hand’, $550                                                   $60


‘Sphere’, $80                  ‘Glass and Leaf’, $80       ‘Metal Vase’, $80


‘Standing Nude’, $80      ‘Seated Nude’, SOLD


‘Curved’, $60                    ‘Standing Nude’, $80        ‘Ashley’, $35


‘Allan’, $35                  ‘Triangular’, $35              ‘A Man’s Profile’, $35