Ifat’s Romance with Digital Art

A few months ago I got a tablet, an iPad Pro with an apple pencil, and truth be told, ever since I got it, I’ve been doing so much digital artwork that I almost completely neglected my traditional media.

From the moment I held that Apple pencil it was like a new romance…. The freedom, the excitement! The endless possibilities of things to creat on the tablet! The world is only limited to the size of the screen đŸ™‚

The first painting I made on it on the day I got it was this mermaid at night:

It was the best experience… to be there, breathing in the fresh air of the sea, looking at the stars and thinking of the freedom that that world offers. I was discovering new brushes and also breaking my head figuring out the structure and colors.

Since then I’ve used the iPad to create a lot more stuff. I started taking it to figure drawing sessions to draw from a model:

Doing inventive figure drawing and color studies:

I think that drawing digitally has made me bolder as an artist, because it put me in the habit of making big decisions (since it is easier to change things).

I hope to slowly update new digital artworks on the website as time goes by.

I wish you all a Happy new year.



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