Weekly #20

Due to shortage of time I will only post some of my drawings from the past week, without discussing what’s on my mind.

This week while working from the model I challenged myself to use the model as a looser reference; to draw the gesture but with a different body type than the model’s. I think the idea popped in my mind because the model had great poses that I found very inspiring but she herself was in her 50’s or 60’s and I wanted to draw a younger body. So these drawings are all 20 minute poses and are based on a much older model. I used my knowledge of anatomy to do this. This first one, right bellow, is my favorite.



Another thing I started working on is creating a drawing from imagination based on general knowledge of anatomy and perspective. This is actually part of my curriculum although I do it on my free time as well. I love drawing from imagination. Love it love it love it.

Here are the preliminary sketches:

Here I started developing the underlying anatomy:


There’s something about this pose I really like. It is very powerful with, even, a hint of violence I would say. It looks like even though the figure is holding the stick lightly behind her back with one hand, she could easily swing it around to use it as a weapon. Not that I think that beating up someone with a stick is the ultimate symbol of strength, but I do respect the concept of a warrior. A warrior  to me, is someone who fights for their values when they are under attack from others. And let’s face it, in today’s world everything comes with a struggle, with people getting in your way one way or another. Guarding what’s important to you is an important skill, and a stick is but a symbol of that loyalty to one’s self.

In any case, I like it. I like it better than the right-most figure with which I started and in the next two weeks I will develop it some more.



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