Subconscious “stewing”/ problem solving

Kate Bush to the rescue of my summer painting, finally solving the problem I had with what background would be right for the figure.

The figure is a naked woman, arching her body back while standing straight, her hands on her waist and her torso pushing forward. It is the kind of moment a dancer would have of total surrender to the music and the emotion it induces. Here is a thumbnail of it to illustrate the stage it is in right now.

I was extremely unhappy with the background. Too abstract, too dull, too bright, too empty. I could not figure out what background would be right for the figure. So, I opened the subconscious oven, added a few ingredients and let them stew (or bake, if you want to be picky) for a while until yesterday the oven ringer rung and let me know that an answer is ready. “You wanted it dark, not so well defined and fit the action and the mood of your figure? Well there you have it. Paint her in a dancing studio, with wide windows covered with curtains.”

The idea I had matches this video clip by Kate Bush perfectly.

3 thoughts on “Subconscious “stewing”/ problem solving

  1. I find myself very impressed with your accomplished style, and some of your ideas. You may call me presumptuous to suggest this, but I will anyway. I would like to see you take some nationally prominent individuals, and place them in medieval dress and location. People like Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon, Dick Cheney, visualized as nobles and clergy. Perhaps Hilary Clinton in a nun’s habit, Cheney as a Spanish clergyman “posing the question” during the Inquisition, as he rubs his hands together in gleeful anticipation. Segourney Weaver as Joan of Arc. Mitt Romney as a merchant, with his fingers crossed behind his back, as he dickers a transaction. Mr. Obama as a bishop, raising an index finger to his lips, demanding silence. David Letterman, as a postman…or a chuckling pope or university professor. Then again, maybe Humphrey Bogart as a smiling pope. Karl Marx as a rabbi.

    Best wishes.

    Dr. Halle
    Lost Angeles

  2. As I am on disability and mostly retired, I am on a strict budget. Otherwise, I’d be “first in line” for submitting an offer for a couple of your drawings. Hoo-yah!! ; )

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