Leaves on Translucent background

I did this small study of leaves for an art event this month.

I really enjoyed trying out something new; I use mineral spirit as a medium without using any oil or gel to make the paint flow. The result is that the paint becomes much like watercolor while still allowing thicker areas where mineral spirit is not used.

The nice thing about this is that it is possible to get very bright and very chromatic at the same time because the paint becomes transparent. Normally, to get light and chromatic paint needs to be mixed very carefully and I find that the result is rarely as chromatic as glazing or painting transparently like this.

Leaves Study

It is fun and it is also an easier way to paint, for me. I enjoy being able to vary the paint thickness through a painting and intend on using this much more. The thinness and transparency accompanied by areas of thickness and opacity really appeal to me.

Have a great week.


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