I love sculpting. Sometimes, while working on a painting I would go get something from my art room, see this sculpture and start working on it, forgetting all about what I was doing before. It sends me to a meditative state of mind and satisfies my love of the human figure and anatomy.

I made this sculpture during a sculpting class I took a couple of months ago. It was my first sculpting class, though I sculpted on a small scale at home before. This time I learned how to do it properly – how to construct an armature and use sculpting tools (though I still prefer my hands for most things).
The instructor for the class was actually a sculptor whose work I really like. You can check out his website Here.

So… about this piece: It is currently made out of oil-based clay and is connected to a pipe to provide it with support since I haven’t casted it (quite an expensive process). It is 22” tall.
The class was 10 sessions and was not enough time for me to finish everything, so I actually worked at home without a model for a while to finish it. I can’t say I find this sculpture perfect. But hey, I need to stop telling you what I think and just let you see it for yourself. So here it is. I took pictures from all sides, more or less and from some favorite angles.

Back Back_3QuarterRight Back_3QuarterRight_Full2 Back_Full Front Front_Full Front_Full_NaturalLight2 Front-right_full Head_ProfileBack_Left_full Front_Left_Detail
So.. that’s it. I have plants for more sculptures: some I plan to do from imagination and use them as a way to further study anatomy as I go, and at least one I plan to do from a model as part of an “open studio” sort of thing.

One last note: I’ve been working on finishing a couple of pieces that have been lingering for a while now since my last semester at the atelier. These two are definitely my favorites from all I’ve done at the atelier and have a lot more “me” in them than the other works I’ve done. Turns out my mind works very slowly in figuring out “big picture” things in art. It takes me a while of staying away from a painting to realize what it needs. Hopefully I will be able to display them soon.

Thanks for reading and have a nice rest of the week.


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