My finished 5-months still-life drawing (weekly post #5 )

Title: ‘Potion Making’

Still life pastel drawing
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The drawing is done with black and white pastel pencils over toned paper.

This is part of my first year Atelier training where we learn to see nothing but value. This drawing took quite a while with a lot of challenges along the way but eventually I completed it to my satisfaction.

The idea I had behind it was to choose objects which are integrated by a narrative. It was quite fun, although I still haven’t decided which potion I was making. Was it a truth drug or a love potion, or maybe a potion that makes you incredibly lucky – a potion that provides answers to all the questions your subconscious knows. Maybe a potion that turns you into a mermaid for one day. Cool; potions are fun.

I think I would have chosen to become a mermaid for one day, but only if I could find predator free waters to swim in (and possibly, if I had enough of the potion to share with a friend).

This was the last drawing project I did – this year it’s only paintings. I currently have a love-hate relationship with oil painting. I love it. I hate it. Indeed, it’s how it is. But I think I love it more.



2 thoughts on “My finished 5-months still-life drawing (weekly post #5 )

  1. Dad! You are commenting on my blog! I didn’t k ow you are following 🙂

    I’ll explain what it means.. So first, ‘value’ is referring to the agree of darkness or brightness of something (its grayscale ‘value’). To “see nothing but value” means to to ignore all other aspects of the visual appearance of your object and focus only on the value.

    This means ignoring the color (its hue or saturation and so on) and just making one decision: how dark it light is that area compared to other areas of the object.

    Value is said to be the most important aspect of realism in art after drawing (describing the shape of the object) and color – last. This is why in an atelier students spend one year or more on drawing in grayscale and then some more time painting in grayscale.

    I hope you like my drawing! It made my morning seeing your interest in my blog 😀

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