Andrew Loomis on rhythm lines

One of the quotes by Loomis that were on display at my atelier grabbed my attention and I wanted to post it here:

I think those lines are even better when the form connections in a way that enhances the meaning of an artwork – in a way that enhances its story or mood.

Here are a couple of examples I posted about way back:

Weekly #8 and Weekly #6 (skip to the second picture in that post and start reading from there).

It is exactly like in music, only in visual form, as Loomis said. I find it somewhat amusing… when I first heard the idea of rhythm lines I told my teacher it reminds me of different parts of an orchestra coming together to form a symphony by playing variations on the theme at the same time. Then I saw that Loomis wrote something very similar way back. I felt so proud to have said something that Loomis had said, I had to boast. 😀



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