My Weekly post #21

As usual it’s the end of the week and I am without time to write a long post. Between work and school I am not left with much time over the weekend.

First I’d like to share the progress I’ve made with my summer painting. I it nearly finished and just required a few final touches. This photo was taken in august:

I painted this more loosely than how I paint at the atelier and using a different method. Here I first did a warm under painting:

Then I painted the cool colors thinly on top. I like this method and I will try to use it more in my paintings at the atelier.
On to another painting… actually it is more of a painting idea. I got it as I was walking down the street during lunch time; it was sunny and the trees were in autumn colors, the road full of red and golden leaves, swept in the wind. I had this image of this figure standing there with her hair flowing in the wind, giving a sculpture-like interpretation of how I felt about this autumn scene.
I took a photo of the scene to use as a reference and sketched out the figure from imagination. And while there is a lot of time until I start working on it, I thought it’d be fun to share this initial stage:



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