My work space at Georgetown Atelier

Here is a picture I took today with my cellphone. It has my easel, my taboret with my painting tools on it and even my still-life setup at the very right edge of the photo.


Block-in drawings from the past month

These are 10-20 minute drawings blocking in the major shapes of the figure. Enjoy!

About me & my blog

My name is Ifat Glassman, I am a second year art student at Georgetown Atelier in Seattle.

In this blog I will be displaying my student work as well as my own independent art work, my thoughts about the philosophy and psychology behind art (what art IS, what motivates me to create art or what motivates people to seek art).

I’ll share my thoughts on technique, subject, future or current projects, inspiration and thoughts about my own art.

My first year at the Atelier has been nothing but drawing. Stick around as color gradually starts appearing in my work as I go through my second year of training.