Introverted, Pastel drawing

This drawing was created from a live model who posed daily (a couple of hours a day) for the drawing for 4 weeks, during my second year at Georgetown Atelier in 2012.

This was the first time I got to use a relatively new medium, pastel pencils to render the figure. I worked on still life drawings beforehand with the same materials so I could make the most out of the precious time with the model. Having a model pose daily is a treat and a rarity for most artists not attending an atelier type of school.
It was certainly a treat for me; I absolutely love figure drawing. Working from a live model always feels like sculpting to me.

My goal with this drawing was to capture the movement, the curves of her body in the pose and feeling of shying away from the world into a private inner world.

The drawing is in a private collection and was given as a gift to someone dear to me who enjoyed this drawing.