Sketches, Imaginary & Studies

Study of fall Leaves

Invented Dancer Figure

8”X11” Graphite on Paper. I named this one ‘Dancing through Fire’. I started it while listening to the lyrics of a song I heard on the radio earlier that day. It was a pop song about self-empowerment, but the visual image of a dancer dancing amidst flames ignited my imagination and I grabbed my sketchbook and […]

Tiny Dancer/ Fabric sketch

Anatomy Studies in Pen

Portrait drawn from life

Brown Pastel Pencil on Paper. I drew this from a model focusing on simplifying the values first and tending to structure second. About 1 hour drawing time.

A Woman’s Face, from imagination

Study of a male torso

Male torso, study in Charcoal


I don’t know

Study of Reading Light

Study of Reading Light

10min Drawing From Life

Quick Sketch from Life

Ocean at Dusk

Reflection of the Ocean at Dusk

Moon Light


Curled up

Curled Up

The nextdoor neighbor

The nextdoor neighbor

Arching Back

Arching Back, Sketch

Bigbird visiting south Cali Office

Bigbird visiting south Cali Office



Zyra an Night

Zyra at Night

Portrait of Ryan

A non-theist Prayer

This drawing describes how I feel in many instances in life, observing the world. And while it is not a religious declaration, I couldn’t help but notice the extreme similarity to a prayer. It is not a call to a creator or a plea of any kind, but it is a dedication of the self […]

The Discarded Onion

I started this painting a couple of weeks ago and ended up discarding it. I set up this still life arrangement and sat down to paint from observation as a change of pace from the other pieces I’m working on which are largely imaginative and require a lot of interpolation. Painting from observation was fun, […]

Color Study of Ladies on a boat

Color study of Ladies on a Boat

I had a few goals in painting this one: The first goal was to find the right color relationships to create a sense of glow in the study. I emphasized and added harmonies from the reference photo. the second goal was to try to stick strictly to flat shapes rather than form, and see how […]

Drawing of Female Nude from Life, pastel on toned paper

Female Nude, Life Drawing


The sun Priestess

The Strange encounter

Sketch of a Dancer

Sketch of a Dancer

Figure Study in Oil

Figure Study, Red Hair

This study is part of a series of preparations for a large painting that combines landscape and a figure.

Study for 'Autumn Leaves'

Study for ‘Autumn Leaves’

Aerial, figure sketch in Graphite


Anatomy study of Female Nude in Graphite

Anatomy Study, female figure

Flooded with Light Graphite drawing of a woman's head

Flooded with Light

'Power Struggles', figure sketch in graphite

Power Struggles

Circles, Graphite Drawing of a female figure


Masked Woman, nude graphite drawing

Masked Woman

Graphite Drawing of female dancer, nude

Female Dancer

Lantern Light, Pastel Drawing

Lantern Light

Mermaid Sketch in Graphite

A tiny Mermaid

'Autumn Leaves', Graphite Drawing by Ifat Glassman cropped

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leav

Pastels on Toned Paper Nude Female Drawing Sketch s

Leaning back in Space

Color Study oil painting night sky figurative art classical realism

Color Study for ‘Night sky’

Figurative Art, Oil painting of a man and a woman

Value Study

Yellow Objects still life oil painting color study

Yellow Objects

Fairy in the forest digital painting

Evening forest

Mermaid at night

This was my first digital painting on my iPad, done in Procreate using an iPad Pro and an Apple pencil

The Artichoke Queen

Confidently, she marches on over the field of artichokes over which she rules. Digital Drawing. Created on an iPad Pro + an Apple pencil with ProCreate

Plein Air oil painting, Plants in sunlight traditional media artwork by Ifat Glassman

Plants in Sunlight – Oil Painting

Plants in sunlight, living their own slow paced existence. Also a study of bright colors under atmospheric perspective. In Private collection of an Art loving individual



Desert Rock formation

Female Nude, Digital Drawing

Female Nude, eyes closed

Mermaid Swimming figurative fantasy Digital Art by Ifat Glassman

Mermaid Swimming

Figure in Motion Drawing by Ifat Glassman

Figure in motion Drawing

Restrictions and freedom digital figure drawing by Ifat Glassman

Restrictions and freedom

Mermaid ink Drawing

Mermaid ink-style drawing focusing on flat shape design with minimal rendering. Created in Procreate on an iPad with an Apple pencil.

Revealing & Hiding

The 3 Mothers

Inspired by the characters of the 3 mothers from the show Ahsoka. Drawn in ProCreate on an iPad