Laguna Portfolio Prep

Artist’s Statement

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I am submitting my application for a Master’s degree in Fine Art at Laguna College of Art & Design. My interest in the program is to develop my career as a Fine Artist, a Teacher, and a Writer.

One of my primary goals in life is to develop my skills and establish a consistent, prolific career creating traditional visual art. 

I have been building a life devoted to expanding my knowledge and skills as an artist, and strive to further develop habits and a routine of creating art prolifically. 

As an artist, my worldview is that, since we only live once, we better not take it for granted. We should not let life’s inevitable problems and difficulties let us forget the wonder of our existence and the beauty of the world we exist in. That view is the core theme of my Art. I aim to create artworks that convey this worldview and allow others to experience it.

Visual Art is a language, the mastery of which requires a lifelong devotion to expanding one’s skills and knowledge. I have dedicated my life to searching and acquiring that knowledge, learning from every artist that I can, and specifically aiming to acquire the knowledge rooted in old traditions. Two of my biggest influences as an artist are Glenn Vilppu and Alexey Steele.

I am hoping to develop my work further by studying at LCAD.
I’ve always found LCAD to be a place of beauty, devotion to hard work, with respect to the skills of representational and figurative art. My primary interest in art is figurative work and that is what I’ve devoted years of my life to studying. That is why I believe LCAD would be an excellent fit for me and why I am very excited at the prospect of studying here.

In addition to Fine Art, I am interested in developing both as a teacher and as a writer.

I would enjoy developing a teaching career that combines both consideration of the fundamental nature of art and the required practice that follows.

I am passionate about art-related knowledge and the philosophy of art. I’ve spent years studying and writing about it and hope to explore it further in my thesis. 

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.